Our top website design No-No's

A website shouldn't look like the dashboard of a 747. Try this headache of a site below:
Cluttered Design

They look like they were cheap to make - and they make your product look cheap. Would you rent a holiday home from this site?
Ugly Design

Looks great, but the design gets in the way of navigation and the product gets lost. Try this beautiful mess below:

1: Sites people can use

The Barn StudioEver got lost in a website? Or not been able to find what you want? It happens all the time. That's because most sites are designed by technicians and designers. Technicians want to add as many whistles and bells as possible, and the designers just want to make it look cool. We like to keep our sites simple, and have form follow function. We make sure navigation is obvious, and we don't cram hundreds of tiny elements into every page. So visitors to our sites can find what they want, quickly and easily.

2: Sites that look great

Prime LanguedocAn ugly website is like a dirty serving plate. Whatever you put on it is going to look shoddy. That's why we don't churn out hundreds of identical sites using templates (unlike our bargain-basement competition) - we prefer to design each site from scratch to meet the needs of each client. We work with you to choose the colours and typeface for the design, and discuss the layout of pages so that they can property accommodate your content.

3: Sites that attract lots of visitors
Tiny TalkBuilding a site but not optimising it is a bit like throwing a party but forgetting to send out the invitations. If you want visitors, the best way to attract them is via search engines. Our 'search engine optimisation' work for clients has been hugely successful, with most sites getting into the top page of the top engines.
4: Sites that sell

Andrew Prince JewelleryOur backgrounds are in advertising and direct marketing. So we know how to take lots of information about your product or service, and shape it into text and images that sell. It's all about knowing what not to include, how to structure arguments, how to phrase copy, and what to show. We also find that, being so much closer to their own offering, our clients really appreciate our 'outsider's' view of things.

5: Sites that don't break the bank

Graham BakerOur sites are between 5 and 10 times less expensive than those designed by big London agencies. So a small site might cost you €800 - rather than €4,000 - €8,000. Yes, you will find companies that will create a 'template' site for around €400 - but yours will be almost identical to hundreds of others, and probably won't even have its own address.

What do our customers think of our work?

"The site way exceeded our expectations. And everyone who visits its sings its praise. It captures the 'sexy', 'cool' nature of our brand perfectly."
- Paul Barnes


"Alex & Greg were very patient and helpful in creating our site. We made several changes during its development and at all times they were very professional & helpful. Since its launch we have had excellent feedback from our guests who have all said it prompted them to book a holiday with us. The after sales service we have received has also been great, nothing is too much trouble and they are always available to help with any queries"
- Leslie & Louise Nicholson
Bois Bourdet


"We went from a site that looked really quite amateurish to one that looks incredibly fun and professional. MyWebSpinners then managed to get us to the top spot on Google - so traffic to the site has gone up 10-fold. And our resort's bookings are double what they were last year. We made back our investment in the new site many time over since MyWebSpinners developed it."
- Lance Price
The Lotus Tree


"I love the design - it's exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. Better in fact. And I love the way the navigation is so simple and intuitive."
- Bridget McCann
Bridget McCann Photography

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